Got a question? Here are just a few of the ones we get asked all the time. If your question isn’t in the list, don’t hesitate to let us know.

  • What is your return policy?

    We will gladly issue a refund for new items that are in perfect resale condition*, as long as you have the receipt and it was purchased within the last seven (7) business days.

    *Perfect resale condition is judged at the discretion of the Co-op Bookstore worker-members. Books and other items that come sealed in plastic wrap can only be returned if the plastic wrap is still intact.

    This does not apply to items which are considered:

    • T-Shirts: Exchange Only.
    • Supplies: Exchange only if defective.
    • New CDs & DVDs: Exchange only if defective.
    • Artisan Consignment: Final Sale.
    • Used Books: Final Sale.

    For the Co-op’s full Returns & Exchanges policy, click here.

  • Do you ship items?

    As a general rule, no.
    However, rules can be broken, under certain circumstances. Email orders.coopbookstore@gmail.com to see if the rules can be bent for your particular situation.

  • Why are two copies of a used book priced differently?

    Used books at the Co-op fall into two categories, 1) books sold using our Consignment Service, and 2) books sold by the Co-op.

    Books sold on consignment have prices that are selected by the student selling them using our service. If we have multiple copies, chances are, students are being competitive in their pricing, hence, the variations.

  • I am a Concordia Student, if I bring my course reading list in can I buy all my books at the Co-op?

    Hopefully, yes! We have thousands (yes, thousands!) of used books and course packs hailing from all departments within Concordia. We also have a selection of professors and lecturers ordering their textbooks straight through the Co-op.

    If we don??t have what you??re looking for, we could always order it in for you.

  • I??m a Concordia Student, does that automatically make me a member of the Co-op?

    No, you are not automatically a member of the Co-op if you are a Concordia University student. HOWEVER! If you’re an Undergraduate student at Concordia, we’ll subsidize our $10.00 membership fee – that is, you’ll pay $5.00, and we’ll match that $5.00, giving you a lifetime membership to the store at half the price. And yes, that’s a?lifetime membership. No need to renew, and it doesn’t expire once you are no longer a student.

  • Do you accept used book donations?

    Yes! Always!

    We will take all matter of used media, from books and magazines, to CDs and DVDs. Cookbooks and Children??s Books, Textbooks and Fiction – any edition, any condition, and in any language.

  • Would you be willing to pick up donations from my house?

    Unfortunately, at this point in time, we cannot come to your house to pick up large book donations. But we really appreciate them!

  • Can I order books through the Co-op?

    Yes! You can order pretty much any (new) book that is in print via the Co-op, and get that book at below-suggested retail prices. Member of the Co-op? Books ordered via the Co-op will also benefit of a discounted member-price!

    You should speak to a worker-member to get an estimate as to how much time it will take to get it in for you.

  • I make artisan product, am I able to sell it through the Co-op?

    Yes! You just might be able to sell it at the Co-op using our Artisan Consignment Service! For more information, check out the ins and outs of the service here, and schedule an appointment by emailing artisan.coopbookstore@gmail.com.

  • Do you sell iClickers, labcoats and course packs?

    Yes! we do! We sell second hand lab coats, course packs, iClickers and even molecular models and scientific calculators.

  • Are you able to promote an authors work through events?

    Yes! If you??d like more information about events at the co-op, email events.coopbookstore@gmail.com

  • Do you sell any French books?

    Yes! we do! We have a small selection of new & used books in French. We also have a selection of language textbooks, for learning French.

  • How are the Co-op and the University Bookstore different?

    Oh-so-different! ?But in a nutshell: we??re not part of Concordia University; we don??t sell ??Concordia?? paraphernalia; we offer services that are an alternative to the University??s Bookstore; we also don??t only carry textbooks. We??re so much more!

    Oh, and did we mentioned we??re independent and not-for-profit?

  • What??s a Fee Levy? And what??s it got to do with the Co-op?

    A Fee Levy is a fee that is levied on a per credit or per semester basis as part of a students?? tuition fees.

    The Co-op Bookstore receives a fee of $0.09 per credit from Undergraduate students at Concordia, and a fee of $0.50 per semester from Graduate students. These fees were voted on and approved during elections held in 2010 (Graduate) and 2011 (Undergraduate), and have been in effect since 2011.

    For more information about fee levies at Concordia University, go to http://www.concordiacommunity.org. For more information about the Co-op Bookstore and the fee levy it receives, see here.