The Concordia Community Solidarity Co-op Bookstore is pleased to offer a viable alternative to the corporate structure, putting students’ best interests above and beyond our own bottom line. As a not-for-profit alternative to corporate bookstores, we are conveniently located right on Concordia’s downtown campus at 2150 Bishop Street in Montreal. Offering both new and used books, in addition to a wide variety of artisan consignments, we also boast the largest selection of sex and gender studies titles anywhere in Montreal.

    Looking for textbooks? Look no further!

    You may be one of the lucky who’s Professor opted to order their textbooks through the Co-op. They opt for our service as they are attuned to the financial strain a student faces, and they know that we do our best to pass on any savings to you, through our below-suggested retail pricing and member discounts.

    And remember to check in-store to see if you can score a used copy of that textbook or course pack you’re looking for. Through our?Used Textbook Consignment?service, we get thousands of used textbooks every semester, which we sell on behalf of students.