Did you know that faculty at Concordia and McGill Universities order their textbooks at the Co-op Bookstore?

Professors get the exact same service they would at a campus store, ie. free desk / exam copies of course adopted texts. The benefits of ordering through the Co-op Bookstore are mainly felt by the Students: lower-than Retail Prices, Member Discounts. But all can bask in the knowledge that they are supporting an independent and not-for-profit option!

Thanks for choosing to order your books with the Concordia Community Solidarity Co-op Bookstore! We’ve been providing textbook services at our Bishop Street location since 2003. Below you will find concise details about our textbook ordering services. Unfortunately we do not provide coursepack services at this time.

Who: Professors in any faculty at a Montreal University or CEGEP can order textbooks through the Co-op. We have worked with Concordia, McGill, Dawson, and Marianopolis professors in the past and fill orders for everything from Cinema to Sociology, Geography to Sexuality and Gender studies.

When: To ensure textbooks are available to your students in a timely fashion we require orders to be placed four weeks prior to the start date of your course. Orders placed after this period will be subject to availability and we will do our best to stock them at the Co-op, but this all depends on whether or not the books are available from the publishers and shipping times. The best plan is to plan ahead!

How: It’s simple! Just fill out our online order form. Or if you have any questions, email us at textbooks.coopbookstore@gmail.com before placing your order.

What to expect: At the Co-op we strive to offer a wide range of professional services regarding textbooks. We can secure desk copies should they be required for you or your TA, just check the appropriate boxes on the order form. Once your textbook order form is submitted you will receive timely updates should any issues arise, and a notification once your textbooks are in stock and available for students. We’ll also follow up regarding the return of overstock, should you wish us to keep books in stock longer, or for use in the next term. We can also provide Co-op pamphlets for you to hand out to your students at the beginning of the semester describing our location and hours. We can even do a classroom visit at the beginning of the semester to inform students of where to purchase their books if you’d like!

Why: We offer the same professional services as the University-run bookstore, but by ordering your course textbooks through the Co-op instead of them, you are taking a stand against austerity and the price gouging of students. We offer below suggested retail pricing on our textbooks and an additional membership program that offers discounted prices on all new items in the store including roughly 10% off all new textbooks. Financially supporting the Co-op also results in employment opportunities for students throughout the academic year and helps keep our used textbook consignment service, where students name the price they want for selling their used textbooks and course packs through us, going.