Services offered at the Co-op Bookstore are varied and growing with the needs of the community. There are even some professors ordering the material for their courses through the Co-op, exposing students to alternatives and a way to get textbooks for less than suggested retail price. Anyone can make use of our services however members benefit from the lowest possible prices we can offer. We also take individual orders, whether they are for textbooks or leisure reading material. No order is too small. We also provide a line of general school supplies, and are always taking suggestions for products people would like to see available at the Co-op. We also sell recycled paper at competitive rates.

We offer a variety of used books, both textbooks and non-academic. We have an ever-growing Used Book Consignment Service for students and community members alike, which is free, and offered at the beginning of every semester, running for a month or so. This service allows you to select the price at which you would like to sell your books, and can continue to advertise them through other means as well. We also encourage local artisans, with our initiative to sell crafts and other handmade items for students and members of the community through a special consignment service.

It’s pretty much all about students! We hire full-time students through the work-study program, and hire students no longer in school in full-time positions. The Co-op is basically a student-run initiative and non-profit business, there to offer up necessary alternatives to what has become the status quo.