Consignment Service

The Consignment Service allows you to buy and sell used textbooks and literature at fair prices. The service is offered at the beginning of each semester for approximately one and half months.

Simply bring your used books into the store and fill out a consignment form at the cash. You will be able to set the price you would like to receive for the books if they sell. When pricing your books, it’s a good idea to keep in mind that the Co-op adds a 20% service charge onto the price you set.

So, for example:

$5.00 + 20% = $6.00
$20.00 + 20% = $24.00 etc…

When the books sell you can claim the money you asked for and the Co-op keeps the 20%. If your books do not sell you can re-claim them and attempt to sell them elsewhere, or hang onto them until our next consignment period.

The Co-op’s raison d’etre revolves around this service. Back in 2001 when the Co-op Project was set into motion, it was the sole service offered. It is evident that it has become increasingly meaningful over the years, as the number of students who use the service grows with each passing semester.

Dates for the Next Consignment Period

Next Consignment Period: FALL 2018 – Monday August 20th, 2017 to Friday October 12th, 2018

Consign your unwanted (possibly unread) textbooks, course packs, literature, Manuals, CD-ROMs, Lab Coats, etc! (anything used in an Academic setting is a-okay). Four (4) Easy Steps!

Step 1: Select and pack your unwanted reading material.

Step 2: Bring them to the Co-op Bookstore, fill out a Consignment Form, listing each book and the amount ($$$) you want for each.

Step 3: Keep your copy of the form, and let us sell your books.

Step 4: Come back to the Co-op Bookstore, with your copy of the Consignment Form, anytime between the day you consigned your books, up until the deadline. Claim the money ($$$) for the books that have sold, and take back the ones that didn’t.

Step 5: (Optional) Come to the Co-op before the deadline if you want to a) change your prices, b) take back a book or c) claim money for a book already sold.

Step 6: (Optional) Donate your unsold books to the Co-op, by either a) marking them as donated on your consignment form, when you come by before the deadline, or b) not coming to pick up your unsold books before the deadline.
As dates are set and become available, they will be listed above. If no dates are shown, check back again soon.