The History of the Concordia Community Solidarity Co-op Bookstore

In 2001, the Concordia Student Union ACCESS slate proposed the idea of creating a Co-???op Bookstore on campus. Many students supported the project and during that year the preliminary work to see the project realized was completed. The motion to initiate the Co-???op project was unanimously approved by the Council of Student Representatives.

  • August 2001

    The Concordia Student Union??s (CSU) executive council launches the idea to build a co-op bookstore at Concordia University

  • September 2001

    The CSU??s Council of Representatives ratifies the motion of the Co-op Bookstore project.

    An employee is hired as the project’s coordinator.

    A used book sale is organized to introduce the student community to the Co-op project and to the ideologies which underly Co-operatives.

    Negotiations with the Concordia University??s administration commence.

    Dialogues with the Coop???rative de d???veloppement r???gional (CDR) and the F???d???ration des coop???ratives qu???b???coises en milieu scolaire (FCQMS/Coopsco) are engaged for inspiration and support.

  • November 2001

    A $25,000 subsidy is granted to the project by the CSU??s Council of Representatives.

  • December 2001

    A second $35,000 subsidy is granted to the project by the Concordia Council on Student Life??s (CCSL) Special Project Fund. This subsidy will be given in three installments.

    The room allocated to the project (H-?127), located in the Concordia University??s Hall Building, is renovated and equipped with an alarm system.

  • January 2002

    A second used book sale is organized.

    Negotiations with University??s administration, the CDR and the Direction des Coop???ratives continue.

    The Provisional Committee is looking for support within the different University??s departments and student groups.

  • March 2002

    The University??s Work Study Program grants a $1,040 subsidy to the project so that two students can be hired for a period of three months.

  • April 2002

    An agreement is signed between the Co-???operative??s Provisional Committee and the Concordia University??s Board of Directors.

  • May and June 2002

    A campaign is held to sensitize and inform professors.

    The Concordia Co-???op Bookstore is officially admitted as member of the CDR.

  • September 2002

    A third used book sale is organized. This reoccurring event is growing in scope and importance.

  • October 2002

    The Co-operative receives its constitutional status from the Direction des Coop???ratives.

    CCSL grants a second subsidy of an amount of $17,500 to the project for the 2002-???2003 year.

  • November 2002

    Concordia Community Solidarity Co-op Bookstore??s first general assembly takes place.

  • December 2002

    Shelves, displays and a cashier counter are bought and installed in the store.

  • January 2003

    The used book sale has become a tradition at the beginning of each semester. The Co-operative sells new and used books as well as school and office supplies but stays open for only one month.

  • March 2003

    The Work Study Program grants a $2,115 subsidy for the hiring of two students for the 2003-2004 school year.

  • August 2003

    A $6,500 salary subsidy from the Local Employment Centre is granted to the Co-operative for a full time position.

    A Bookseller is hired.

  • September 2003

    The Concordia Co-op Bookstore opens officially its doors full time.

  • October 2003

    The Concordia Co-op Bookstore celebrates its 1-year anniversary!

  • November 2003

    First General Assembly.

    CCSL give the Co-op $8,700 for the 2003-2004 year representing the third and final subsidy installment.

  • June 2004

    An Office Supplies clerk is hired

  • August 2004

    A logo for the CCSCB is approved by the Board of Directors and instated.

  • November 26, 2004

    The Co-op celebrates Buy Nothing Day