Our Mission Statement

The goals and objectives of the Co-op are to provide students, faculty members and other members of the community with a professional service and low prices through a non-profit co-op bookstore that is directly controlled by its user, worker and support members.

Our Mandate

The Co-op:

  • Strives to make education and information more accessible to University Community through its products, services and pricing policies.
  • Will offer and provide a wide range of products including alternative forms of media and information.
  • Provides a viable example of a business alternative to the capitalist norm.
  • Is responsible to the needs and concerns of it??s user, worker and support members.
  • Will act responsively and respectively to user input and concerns.
  • Will use it??s profits to ameliorate the services and products it can offer it??s clients and members.
  • Will favor to do business with businesses and organizations with ethical and environmentally friendly operation standards.
  • Will make environmentally friendly decisions when ordering products and conducting daily business.
  • Supports and respects student initiatives.
  • Will work in solidarity with community groups who represent positive initiatives.
  • Will work towards maintaining a positive relationship with Concordia University.
  • Will ensure it??s store space and events are accessible to those with disabilities.
  • Is a non-discriminatory positive space.
  • Will hire new employees based on abilities and competences that compliment a retail environment and our mandate.
  • Offers employment to full-time students at above minimum wage standards.
  • Will provide a safe work environment.