Being a member of the Concordia Community Solidarity Co-op Bookstore entitles you to discounts on textbooks for classes, new books, school supplies, special book orders, gift items, and more. As a member, you will also have the right to vote in the Co-op’s annual general assembly and, if you desire, run for a seat on the Co-op’s Board of Directors. Moreover, you’ll be supporting a business with an alternative financial model and an employer and supporter of Montreal students.

Becoming a member of the Co-op Bookstore is easy. Simply come by the store to fill out a membership form and pay the $10.00 membership fee to become a User Member. All memberships are valid for life and are even reimbursable at any time after the purchase date. You do not have to be a student to be eligible for membership. Everyone is welcome!

However, because Concordia students pay a fee levy that helps keep the Co-op alive, undergraduate students at Concordia are eligible for a subsidized membership that costs $5.00. Just like the full membership, it lasts for life, is fully refundable, and entitles you to vote in our AGM or run for the Board of Directors ? all for half the price!

You do not have to be a member of the Co-op to shop at the store or make use of our consignment service. To understand how membership relates to the underlying principles of a co-operative, please visit our What is a Co-op? page.

Our General Assembly happens once a year, and all members are invited to attend. Members are informed of the event via e-mail notification and postings on campus. If you are a member and aren’t sure if your address is on our mailing list, please contact us.