Our Structure

We at the Concordia Community Solidarity Co-op Bookstore chose a Solidarity Co-op from the different types because:

  • The solidarity co-operative is characterized by the diversification of its membership and its openness to partnership. Unlike most Co-ops who have only User Members Solidarity Co-op also have Worker Members (employees) and Support Members (organizations, groups, associations, etc.).
  • A Solidarity Co-op is directly controlled by its User, Worker, and Support Members. Since a Co-op is a form of self-management the members have a direct say in the direction of the Co-op, vote in general assemblies and can be elected to the Board of Directors. Our Board of Directors has five seats. Two are filled by User Members, two by Worker Members and one by a representative from a Support Member group.
  • User Members make important contributions to the decision – making process because they represent the needs of the Co-op’s clientele.
  • Worker Members brings a vital perspective into the Co-op membership providing work-experience insights to the decision-making process.
  • Support Members help the Co-op maintain a connection to campus life and the needs of the diverse student body. They can also contribute progressive voices on the board since they represent groups with articulated aims.

According to the Law on the co-operatives, the name of a solidarity co-operative must contain both the words co-operative and solidarity. Therefore the official name of the co-op bookstore is the Concordia Community Solidarity Co-op Bookstore & Librairie Coop???rative de Solidarit??? de l??Universit??? Concordia.