Against Doom: A Climate Insurgency Manual

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While the world's people suffer the apocalyptic torments of floods, fires, droughts, heatwaves, desertification, disease vectors, food shortages, forced migration, ecosystem collapse, extinction, and other effects of uncontrolled climate change, the world's governmental and political leaders continue to accelerate our wild ride to climate doom. Is there any way for the rest of us to put on the brakes?

Climate insurgency is a strategy for using people power to realize our common interest in protecting the climate. It uses mass, global, nonviolent action to challenge the legitimacy of public and corporate officials who are perpetrating climate destruction.

A global climate insurgency has already begun. It has the potential to halt and roll back the fossil fuel agenda and the global thrust toward climate destruction.

Against Doom: A Climate Insurgency Manual tells how to put that strategy into action—and how it can succeed. It is a handbook for halting global warming and restoring our climate—a how-to for climate insurgents.

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