An Opening Act of Unspeakable Evil

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Ever walked in on a roommate in, uh, the middle of something? When Kate interrupts Lilith's demonic ritual, it's pretty awkward, but it gives her a great idea for a new online journal: Whether her roommate is unholy or just unhinged, Kate's not sure. But she knows a good show when she sees it, and she convinces her bombshell pal to perform her strange ceremony at their art gallery launch. Then she gets a booker at the local rock club to let them open for a metal band, and the kids love it. They decide to take the show on the road, and somewhere along the way Kate's role changes from tour manager to go-go dancer. It's fun, but she can't ignore the creepy people from Lilith's past that are coming to their shows. And as the rituals get more intense and more bloody, Kate starts to wonder if she's gotten in a little too deep. It's not quite rock and roll, but she could still lose her soul.
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