Cat Crush

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This series was sent out as an email newsletter during a global pandemic. It chronicled my perspective on love, sex & intimacy between January and December 2021. Thank you to the friends, lovers and strangers who tuned in. - Catherine Machado, author

"This is a fun, visceral exploration of love." - Jack Anglin

"La voz de Lady Luck es una y mil voces, y en cada una pude encontrar la frescura del océano y también su inmensidad, su acumulatión de silencio en los bordes. Está el humor también, presente y entrelineas como un bordado, para recuperar cualquier caída o desorden. La escritura de Machado es una caricia franca, directa, y me deja siempre con ganas de más poesía." - Carlos Urdapilleta

"A serious, yet playful and eccentric reminder of how visceral even the most fleeting interactions can be. How we are naturally redefined every time we have to explain ourselves to someone new. She brings strength to the pronoun "I" - writing in first person and taking control of everything that happens to her. Thank you for sharing your inside voice, and being vulnerable out loud." - Iva Celebic

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