China’s Commercial Sexscapes: Rethinking Intimacy, Masculinity, and Criminal Justice

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Exploring the experiences of both male clients and female sex workers, China’s Commercial Sexscapes expands upon the complex dynamics of sex worker and client relationships, and places them within the wider implications of expanding globalization and capitalism.

The book is based in large part upon interviews with sex workers and their clients the author conducted while undercover as a bartender in Dongguan, an important industrial city in Guangdong province and an explicit, complicated, and multidimensional setting for study. In the wake of the financial crisis, the purchasing of sex by single, young-adult males has become an increasingly socially acceptable way for men to perform and experience heteronormative masculinity. Investigating human rights, social policy, and the criminal justice system in China, this book applies the concept of “edgework” to the commercial sex industry in Dongguan to study how men and women interact within the changing global economy.

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