Collective Liberation on My Mind

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Eight searching essays from one of the finest organisers in contemporary anarchism, working to bridge anarchist theory and practice with race, class and gender analysis of power. The essays collected together in this pamphlet are intended to further debate and discussion about some of the challenges facing the contemporary anarchist/social justice movements. The challenge of developing a critical political analysis and organizing practice based in an understanding of how white supremacy, patriarchy, heterosexism, capitalism and the state interconnect. [from the introduction] This collection of essays by a young anarchist probes the issues of white supremacy and sexism as he observes them not only in the society at large but also in our social justice movements and in himself. Rarely, do we find anyone dealing equally with race and gender from an anti-racist, feminist point of view, least of all a young, white male, but this is precisely what Chris Crass does. [Roxanne Dunbar-Ortiz]. From shutting down the WTO to what anarchist organizers could (and should) learn from the Civil Rights Movement. Right on, right in your face, and right up there.
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