Inverse Images: A Novel

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INVERSE IMAGES explores the contradictory and conflicted life of Joseph Rosenblatt, a professor of physics in Montreal. He is a father, a husband, a professor, a member of the Chassidic community. He confronts a variety of stressful and conflicting experiences. His eldest son Adam was sent away to study medicine in Scotland and dies. As a member of his Chassidic community, he becomes deeply involved in the struggle for the core of education between the secularists and the orthodox. His twenty-one year old son Emmanuel goes off to Israel and becomes involved in the Jews for Jesus movement. His wife Sara, a spiritual woman, devoted mother and pillar of the household, suffers a massive seizure. Rosenblatt himself becomes deeply involved in a dangerous e-mail relationship with a beautiful blonde psychology student in her twenties. Her love of tango is parlayed into a virtual love affair between the uninhibited young woman and the middle-aged professor. Joseph Rosenblatt lives a life on a divide...divided between his science and his beliefs, between modernity and tradition, between his religious faith and the secular world about him, the numerous tensions within his family, within his community, within the political world of contemporary Quebec, between the urban life of Montreal and the idyllic life of the Laurentians, between summer and fall. This is Boyarsky's best and most mature work.
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