Leaf Storm: and Other Stories

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Leaf Storm is the first book García Márquez wrote. Already we see the colorful historical background that forms the basis for his later work. It covers the history of Macondo from 1903 to 1928, ending the year the author was born.

A man dies, and three people reflect on the story of Macondo’s boom and decline as shown in the family fortunes over three generations. As they attend the wake, the members of the family recall the tragedy that involves them all. Grim, ironic, powerful, Leaf Storm creates a mysterious and ominous atmosphere that lingers on in the listener’s mind.

Contains Leaf StormThe Handsomest Drowned Man in the WorldA Very Old Man With Enormous WingsBlacaman the GoodVendor of MiraclesThe Last Voyage of the Ghost ShipMonologue of Isabel Watching It Rain in MacondoNabo

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