My Ariel

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A poem-by-poem engagement with Sylvia Plath's Ariel and the towering mythology surrounding it. When I am a bitch I feel in such good company. Nice girls never gave me anything but trouble, Eating the ground out from under me, then waving As I fall. Pity one has to die to see how liberating Bad can be. But what news had I of my own self? Words landed like razors, hours tinkled, suitors arrived. Listen, you'll think otherwise, but I tell you, betrayal Is your Get Out of Jail Free card. Take it, Don't look back. Of course you will. Look back. We always do, we who adore the muscle Of our cashmere cells, a cock that makes Our knees weak. Darlings, don't be sweet, Or serviceable. Don't accommodate, Write in blood or don't bother ... Where were you when you first read Ariel? Who were you? What has changed in your life? In the lives of women? In My Ariel, Sina Queyras barges into one of the iconic texts of the twentieth century, with her own family baggage in tow, exploring and exploding the cultural norms, forms, and procedures that frame and contain the lives of women.
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