News Culture

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A fascinating study of the modern media--and how it shapes our world

News Culture is an introduction to the forms, practices, institutions, and audiences of journalism. It begins with a historical consideration of the rise of "objective" reporting in newspaper, radio, and televisual journalism. It then explores the way news is produced, its textual conventions as a genre of discourse, and its negotiation by the reader, listener, or viewer as part of everyday life.

The book also examines the cultural dynamics of sexism and racism as they shape different instances of news coverage. Building on the success of the bestselling first edition, this new edition addresses:

  • Concerns of the new media age, featuring an expanded chapter on "Good Journalism Is Popular Culture"
  • Online journalism and the Internet
  • Feedback from lecturers who have used the first edition

    This is a key text for undergraduate and postgraduate students in journalism, journalism studies, cultural and media studies, sociology, and politics.

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