Picture This! Posters of Social Movements in Quebec: 1966-2007

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These 659 posters, assembled for the first time in one book, offer a veritable journey through Quebec's social history and political imagination of the past four decades. This book is the result of a collaboration between the founders of the Centre de recherche en imagerie populaire (CRIP) and David Widgington. This collection of union, political, community, feminist, sociocultural and anti-globalization posters brings to our collective memory the popular struggles that have marked the history of social movements in Quebec. It gives a voice to those who, through the strength of their commitment and creativity, have contributed to a more humane, just and democratic world. These images taken from the streets are much more than a mirror of our combined aspirations: they are an invitation to move ever forward. The posters portray demanding, accusatory, irreverent and hopeful actions and offer original -- sometimes radical -- proposals on how to improve the lives of our society's downtrodden, mistreated, exploited and marginalized groups and individuals.

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