Temporarily Closed (Fall 2023)


The Co-op Bookstore is temporarily closed - Fall 2023


As you may know, the Co-op had to move for the summer due to renovations. Now that the renovations are done, we're working on moving back into our regular location. For transparency's sake, we are a small team and this is a big task, so operations will be closed until we are moved back in and settled. Additionally, the K-Annex building is closed indefinitely due to further repairs that are out of our control, so as of now the store cannot be accessed by anyone.

Due to these circumstances, we are unable to predict when we will be able to reopen for business. As a precaution, we have canceled textbook orders for the Fall semester. For further updates and announcements, please check our website and social media, or email [email protected] with any questions.


Thank you for your patience and support!