Pricing System Change

In August, we launched our brand-new website with e-books sorted by course code so that students could easily find and purchase the texts necessary for their online classes. This will further continue into the Winter 2021 semester as well. Taking multiple courses? You can select as many course codes as you like and process them as one transaction. If you don’t see your books on our website, invite your Prof to request them here.

As of November 1st, prices will be going up on current and future e-books. We will be returning to our original pricing system – but don’t worry, you’re still be getting our regularly low, sustainable costs. You’ll only notice a small change in pricing per book.

Here is where the extra funds will go:

The Concordia Community Solidarity Co-operative Bookstore is a fee-levy organization, meaning that we are funded by student fee levies and focused on balancing fair wages with reader accessibility.

We prioritize publisher, author, and employee payments, as well as safe-labour practices. We are dedicated to building a strong publishing and book-selling industry that properly supports the labour involved in producing good books. 

Even with those considerations in mind, we still work to ensure sustainable prices for you, the consumer. You will not notice a huge difference per book because we are deeply committed and invested in giving our community members access to affordable readings.

Unlike Amazon and other mega-corporations, the Co-op Bookstore communicates directly with publishers and booksellers to bring you the lowest possible book costs while still ensuring that authors, publishers, delivery personnel, and book sellers are all fairly paid while we transport texts and e-books to you!

[Constance Grady does an amazing job of explain why Amazon’s “Buy Box” can mean that you’re buying a book low cost because the publisher and author aren’t being paid by Amazon’s third-party seller at all.]

Thank you for your continued support and we hope to see you all, online or in person, real soon.

In solidarity,

The bookstore team.