Stand Together or Fall Apart: Professionals Working with Immigrant Families

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An exploration of one of the most important topics debated across Western countries, this analysis challenges traditional attitudes toward immigration and integration. The conventional strategy employed by social workers, teachers, and other social service practitioners is decidedly Euro-centric and treats immigrants as if they have little cultural- or community-based means of integrating of their own. The strategies outlined in this book are built on the argument that immigrants have deep cultural, familial and communal resources to aid their integration and that these resources need to be tapped by social workers, teachers, counselors, settlement workers, early childhood educators, and child and youth care workers alike. Providing several alternative, integrated, research-based programs that combine cultural resources, traditions, and family dynamics, this accessible, concise book will help practitioners to better understand the struggles of immigrants and thus be better able to assist them as they adjust to life in a new country.
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