The Suicidal Planet: How to Prevent Global Climate Catastrophe

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An outstanding overview on global warming--and what we can do about it--from a distinguished world-class authority Climate change is the single biggest problem that humankind has ever had to face, as we continue with lifestyles that are way beyond the planet's limits. Mayer Hillman explains the real issues: what role technology can play, how you and your community can make changes, and what governments must do now to protect our planet for future generations. In The Suicidal Planet, he proposes: - A ceiling on greenhouse gas emissions by the world's governments- Global carbon rationing to reduce our individal carbon outputs to a fair and ecologically safe level- Helpful guidelines for the home, travel, and leisure- And much, much more. Featuring the very latest information on global warming completely revised to include U.S. facts and figures, The Suicidal Planet takes us out of the problem and into the solution of our international crisis.
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