The Sustainable Kitchen

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The Sustainable Kitchen brings home the thrill of tasting fine cuisine made from the best seasonal ingredients grown locally. Designed for people who want to make food choices that promote the economic, environmental and social health of their communities, this book gives seasonal cuisine new flair using recipes adapted for exciting home cooking. Its two talented chefs share their passion for the culinary arts and their regional focus that inspires home cooks everywhere to connect with local farmers and purveyors to obtain the freshest produce available. These connections encourage regional food supplies and a strong local economy, maintain community, foster earth stewardship, and protect the future of family farms.

The Sustainable Kitchen focuses strongly on ingredients, offering a chef's insights into how and why to combine several together into a sauce, soup, or ragoût for optimum flavor. The sumptuous recipes are offered as guidelines -- the basis for inspiration, but not as absolutes, to allow for local market variations and a dash of spontaneity. Recipes include the full range, with special sections featuring entrées

  • from oceans and rivers -- seafood
  • from forests and farms -- game, meat and poultry
  • from fields and gardens -- vegetarian.


Additional sections cover the basic tastes, tips for pairing food and wine, preserving the harvest, and Notes to the Cook -- collecting useful recipes for basic vinaigrette, vegetable stock, crème fraîche, pasta dough, and much more.

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