The Urban Biking Handbook: The DIY Guide to Building, Rebuilding, Tinkering With and Repairing Your Bicycle for City Living

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Ever wanted to take a bicycle vacation? Go on a bike date? Convert your beater into a fixie? Or are you just curious about the anthropology of urban cycling culture? The Urban Biking Handbook teaches you the anatomy of your bike, how to dismantle it, how to reassemble it, how to make it pretty, how to make it ugly…and most importantly, how to make it yours. Bike your way through car-jammed cities, under overpasses, and over the hills and far away to a cyclist’s paradise.

- Learn to repair a flat, modify your handlebars, true your wheel, and fix your bike on the fly.

- Not just for gearheads: Learn about what to wear, what to eat, how to pack, and how not to get doored.

- Want to build your own bike? Get started with fully photographed tutorials and inspiration from the bike lovers profiled inside.

Get your bike on with The Urban Biking Handbook!

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