You Are Alice in Wonderland’s Mum! Pick-A-Plot #4

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London, 1862. When your daughter Alice goes for an afternoon's picnic in Hyde Park, she goes astray! You practically run your legs off looking for her, but as night falls you panic. You look for a clue, a sign -- anything. And that's when a smelly vagrant steps out from behind a tree and offers you information in exchange for coin... or a kiss. If you decide to ignore him, continue searching on page 42. But if you hear him out, turn to page 12. The choice is yours!In a quest to find your daughter that will take you through the seedy underbelly of London's Whitechapel district and up into the secret debauched heart of its richest denizens, You Are Alice in Wonderland's Mum! allows you to make the choices that will bring your dear daughter home, or lose her to Wonderland forever.Inspired by the gamebook fad of the 80s - You Are Alice in Wonderland's Mum! is the gothically visionary 4th entry in the acclaimed Pick-A-Plot series of Choose-Your-Own-Adventure style books. Off the success of the first three titles, which form the You Are a Cat! Trilogy, author and illustrator Sherwin Tjia puts a new twist on the Alice in Wonderland tale, removing the titular character altogether, and tasking you as her mother - a respectable Englishwoman who must navigate London's dangerous underworld - with finding her.
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