You Can't Get There from Here

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Norwegian cartoonist Jason's latest graphic novel (his fifth to be released by Fantagraphics) chronicles one of the oldest love triangles in the world: Mad scientist creates monster, mad scientist creates woman for monster, mad scientist...falls in love with the woman he created for the monster! Working with some classic pop-culture icons, Jason tells a witty and unique story about love, obsession, and betrayal, alternating his trademark pantomime sequences (as the three lovebirds circle each other) with pages of dialogue (as the mad scientist's hunchbacked assistant, during his regular lunches with a fellow hunchbacked mad scientist's assistant, describes and comments on the ongoing events, while pining for a nice quiet retirement or maybe just a better job). Can't Get There From Here is presented in the same elegant format as Jason's previous popular graphic novel The Iron Wagon, a two-color process (black and grayish blue) on tinted paper with an uncoated cover stock printed in three simple colors, complete with flaps.

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